Christmas Disruption

During December please check your weekend and Christmas journeys as, due to engineering works, there are significant changes from the printed timetables. Please see or use the journey planner on

January Timetables

Please find attached the new January timetables. Paper copies will be available from The Stores  and The Post Office, both in Great Bedwyn.

Download the eastbound rail service timetable


Download the westbound rail service timetable

Of particular note is:

  1. The new 0629 weekday service direct to Paddington (this is a service from Bristol).
  2. The 0756 weekday service is now direct to Reading (all stops).
  3. The new 1906 return from Paddington (which is off-peak).
  4. The new 2007 weekday Reading to Bedwyn service.
  5. Trains that used to depart Paddington at XX18 now depart XX06.

There are other minor changes so please check.

Season Ticket Renewal

With fares set to rise in January do consider whether it’s worth you renewing your season ticket early, or even for a longer period.

The Future

From December 2018 we should be on the new hybrid trains. These will run on electric between Paddington and Newbury and seamlessly switch to diesel for the Newbury to Bedwyn stretch. The last obstacle to be overcome is the extension of our turn back siding. However, we remain in close discussion with GWR and NR on this and it does all look positive at the moment. After eight years of uncertainty, and much campaigning, it does feel as if we are almost there with this one.

Undoubtedly there will be some timetable changes. It would help us if you could let us know what your ideal commuter arrival time into and out of Paddington would be. This will allow us to press the case for timetable tweaks. Please also comment if you use other stations – Paddington is the most significant simply because that covers the majority of use from Bedwyn Station. Please also pass this request onto other rail users that we might not have on our email list.

Contact – Steve Smith –