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The North Wessex Downs AONB has provided a ‘core’ article on the AONB for use by parishes and others for their newsletters or websites.

This is the article which you can edit and adapt as you wish, as well as adding images:

Download the core NWD AONB article


This is an example of how the Whitton Way adapted the article for their local newsletter:

Download Whitton Way's NWD AONB article (part 1) Download Whitton Way's NWD AONB article (part 2)

Useful Information and Links for Lockdown


Sylvie Clayden has provided the following information on 28th April 2020 to help with the current lockdown:

For the Young:
Richard Rogers, Pewsey Community Area Engagement Manager at Wiltshire Council, signposted me to regarding encouraging children to grow plants. Click on end title “Give it a Grow” and second drop down line “Set up your local give it a grow” for clear guidance.
Mandy McDougall who created this scheme is happy to change the Netheravon details to your individual village, if interested, including all contact details and emails etc. . . a generous offer and the resources she sourced cheaply:
Seeds: Lidl @ 27p pkt
2 bags compost
60 envelopes from Kraft @ £5.99
Freezer bags 100 X 7” X 10”@ £8.50 Amazon (decent strength)
Labels she can help with.
If interested contact 07734 087413
She is not charging for this and will set up your web page for free; not owned content just an idea template.

For Everyone:
Urchfont has a vibrant veg scheme, which is growing well 😊 as have others including Wedhampton and Wexcombe.
Cossors in Pewsey are able to offer books and some audio books which anyone in the group can access; contact the PCCA 01672 487022 to make a request and then collect from Little Lunch Box, Pewsey.

For Older People:
Hydration awareness
In my experience, 90% of my clients who have been admitted to hospital with falls, did so due to UTI`s and with their current restrictions, I believe this is a key area to consider for some.
Download the poster which also includes a fun Vale crossword 😊 funded by PCAP.  In Pewsey these will be delivered to all bungalows, known vulnerable and in food boxes.
Look out for a Wiltshire Council publication soon which will have a similar theme.
We will produce ours monthly during lockdown with slight variations on the message and puzzle theme !

Marlborough Podiatry Clinic private practitioners are Christine Stiles and Chloe Reschwamm.

At the moment the Clinic is closed for routine treatments but they are able to see patients at the Clinic if they triage the situation and consider it to be an urgent case – primarily infection and ulceration – particularly in the diabetic or circulatory impaired patient.
Home visits are currently not possible other than in exceptional circumstances.

These are exceptional times and in an effort to aid self-treatment by patients, they have  created an article about footcare during Covid 19. This may also be of help to carers who are trying to assist their clients with care of their feet.

They are available to talk on the phone if anyone needs advice or further information – 01672 514581 or 07910 525376.

Wiltshire Farm Foods 0800 077 3100
This company have strict hygiene policy and I have sampled some of their food which is good.  They are still taking on new customers and if absolutely necessary, will enter a property to place meals in a freezer.

Henrietta Mackinnon of Music and Movement Together is creating a YouTube of seated mobility exercises for the locked down, frail elderly which will be available shortly.


WhatsApp Group for the Farming Community


Farmer Support Group COVID 19

This is a farm support group to provide mutual support to one another during the coronavirus pandemic as and when needed.   With one message you can ask the group for help with a specialist task or cover for someone who is ill.    As  many Farm Workers’ jobs are specialist, the chances of finding someone who can do a particular role if workers are self-isolating/off sick is very unlikely, unless they already work on a farm elsewhere.

The easiest way to set up a communication group is via Whatsapp – most people use it nowadays but it is easy to set up a group and share it via email in order to get people to join – we would also encourage you to share with your colleagues, friends and neighbours to spread the word through the community (this is not restricted to farms within the North Wessex Downs – those outside the boundaries can join if within a sensible distance).

If anyone isn’t familiar with Whatsapp, then Susie Brew at PCAP or Claire McCorquodale of the NWD AONB  will be happy to talk you through it.

Susie Brew – 07802 444022 –

Claire McCorquodale – 07717 644991 –

How to Join

Instructions on how to join the Whatsapp group – NWD Farming Community:

Via the app:

  1. On your mobile device, add the Whatsapp app either from Apple or Google Play Store if you don’t already have it installed.
  2. Click on this link – the joining process is very straightforward.

Via the web:

  1. Use Chrome as the browser and click on this link
  2. Click Join the Chat
  3. You have an option to download the app – you don’t have to do this and can go straight to the web version (known as Whatsapp Web)

Once you are in Whatsapp, it would be useful if the farmers could make sure their names/farm name are on their Whatsapp details otherwise it just shows up as a mobile number, so it isn’t clear who it is.  (To edit your existing Whatsapp details on a phone click on the 3 dots in the top right hand corner, click on settings and then tap your name/ phone number at the top of the screen and edit your name to include the farm name).



Key Volunteer Role at Crofton Beam Engines


Crofton Beam Engines are looking for a volunteer for a key role in the organisation.  Download the document for more information.

Crofton Volunteer Manager Recruitment_19.07.19


Latest Memory Cafe Schedule


Download the latest Memory Cafe schedule


The Rotary Club for Marlborough & District


The Rotary Club is a charity that raises money for good causes, runs projects for local charities, works with young people and helps with emergency aid.

They are always looking for more members.  If you would like to find out more, you can download the leaflet here or contact them via their website.


Heritage Action Zone Workshop Report


This is the report following the Heritage Action Zone Workshop at the Pewsey Heritage Centre on 24th October 2017.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the discussions.

Download Heritage Action Zone Report


Train Updates from Bedwyn Passenger Group


Christmas Disruption

During December please check your weekend and Christmas journeys as, due to engineering works, there are significant changes from the printed timetables. Please see or use the journey planner on

January Timetables

Please find attached the new January timetables. Paper copies will be available from The Stores  and The Post Office, both in Great Bedwyn.

Download the eastbound rail service timetable


Download the westbound rail service timetable

Of particular note is:

  1. The new 0629 weekday service direct to Paddington (this is a service from Bristol).
  2. The 0756 weekday service is now direct to Reading (all stops).
  3. The new 1906 return from Paddington (which is off-peak).
  4. The new 2007 weekday Reading to Bedwyn service.
  5. Trains that used to depart Paddington at XX18 now depart XX06.

There are other minor changes so please check.

Season Ticket Renewal

With fares set to rise in January do consider whether it’s worth you renewing your season ticket early, or even for a longer period.

The Future

From December 2018 we should be on the new hybrid trains. These will run on electric between Paddington and Newbury and seamlessly switch to diesel for the Newbury to Bedwyn stretch. The last obstacle to be overcome is the extension of our turn back siding. However, we remain in close discussion with GWR and NR on this and it does all look positive at the moment. After eight years of uncertainty, and much campaigning, it does feel as if we are almost there with this one.

Undoubtedly there will be some timetable changes. It would help us if you could let us know what your ideal commuter arrival time into and out of Paddington would be. This will allow us to press the case for timetable tweaks. Please also comment if you use other stations – Paddington is the most significant simply because that covers the majority of use from Bedwyn Station. Please also pass this request onto other rail users that we might not have on our email list.

Contact – Steve Smith –


The Bee Road


This is a community project to build a ‘Bee’ Road between Marlborough and Pewsey – 7 miles of pollinator friendly forage and habitat, joining communities and supporting the bees to re-establish their populations.

Find out more at


Wiltshire Council Waste Strategy Consultation


Wiltshire Council is undertaking a Waste Strategy Consultation which is open until 14th November 2017.

This is the link to the online survey.

Download a printable version of the Consultation paper


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