Pewsey Community Area Partnership has set up a scheme to reward voluntary work in targetted groups – Pewsey Vale Volunteer Rewards (PVVR).
This scheme is targetted at families that are on a low income, young people and people who are unemployed – people who often don’t get involved in volunteering and thus the opportunities that can develop from it.
The scheme offers rewards to those in these groups who volunteer at our partner organisations (these are called Earn Partners).  For hours that are worked voluntarily, the person is given a voucher which gives them access to a number of places where the voucher can be used (these are called Spend Partners).

The PVVR Voucher looks like this (it has no cash value).

Front of voucher: Back of voucher:


A list of places where you can earn and spend Pewsey Vale Volunteer Reward vouchers can be found here.

Are you a local organisation who would like to get involved in the Pewsey Vale Volunteer Rewards scheme?  Perhaps you can offer opportunities for people to earn Vouchers with you through volunteering?  Or maybe you would like people who earn Vouchers to spend them with you?  Or perhaps both?

Whether you are an organisation who would like to take part, or an individual who would like to start volunteering, please contact us for more information – Susie Brew – PCAP Coordinator –

Have a look at the organisations who are already involved.